Financial Development Services

By Wealth Developer Canada

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Professional Business Account Management

  • Innovative Bookkeeping Services To Develop & Grow Your New Or Existing Business


  • Weekly Reports Updated Realtime Via Expense Photo


  • Accounting On Your Schedule 24/7

Financial Planning & Proactive CRA Taxation Monitoring For Individuals

  • 24/7 Full Services Accounting For Individuals


  • CRA Tax Monitoring Protecting From Uncertainties


  • Quality Services Low Prices & Much More

We Now Offer Affordable Peace Of Mind With LegalShield.

Legalshield is available for as little as under $1 a day!

Wealth Developer Canada is pleased to offer you legal service plans bundled with our Recovery19 products or on their own. With LegalShield, unlimited access to your law firm is as simple as a tap of a mobile app! Available for under $1 a day! There are numerous reasons to shield yourself, your family and your business with LegalShield. Legal questions and unexpected legal issues come up everyday. So why not have legal protection every day?

Complete Covid-19 Financial Crisis Support & Planning For Businesses & Individuals

  • Recovery Planning For Any Budget Made Easy For Any Unique Situation.


  • 24/7 Convenient Confidential Access, Without Meeting Pushy Commissioned  Sales Agents 


  • Strong Focus On Wealth Development Through Knowledge, Not Risky Portfolios 

Legal Protection & Advice Service Plans With LegalShield Products Bundled For Any Budget



  • Speak with your attorney on an unlimited number of personal legal issues
  • Your attorney can review contracts and draft documents
  • One plan covers your whole family, including pre-existing issues

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