Login Page
Goto Login over to the right. JasmineWR is your member ID Jordans is JordanWR
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Menus 1 MyWealth Account
Here are the options for you and Jordan in the main menus. My Returns where you will find all of your personal encrypted CRA info
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Settings & Passwords
To update your password, images and basic profile settings Under your placeholder image in the top left corner, or in any of the account menu selections under settings at the top.
# 3
MyWealth Business Account
Most of your options are in this menu


Your Workflow will remain on the personal page i created for you, but it can be found in the business menu under the first option workflow. Also feel free to utilize the app link if using your phone. I do not have a password on there as there is no personal data, it only gathers personal data. You can click on this BOX/ link to access that. It works on desktop also but it is designed for the mobile app.
MyWealth Books
The bookkeeping section is where all the business data is stored. (the data you are providing with your documents) It is in categories by year, and 5 subsections of the year. -Income, expenses, sales tax, financial reports and Realtime Tax Balancing
Receipts home
Your secured documents that you are uploading for expenses is in expenses and in documents section. Feel free to poke around the rest and let me know if you have questions
MyWealth Rentals Access
For entering receipts for southdale I have added a button on your MWbooks home page
MyWealth Rentals Accounting
The forms for the MW Rentals section are similar to yours.. However Mike has not entered anything yet. If you have already put southdale expenses in your business, don't worry I can discuss with Jordan as we will be likely making changes to certain claims.
I have linked you to reno expenses as I assume that is what you will be entering. I have put it on the first page after clicking on the accounting section of MWRentals. The only thing here is I am asking for the room or unit number that the expense was used for. This will really facilitate a put together paper trail. If you are uncertain no worries.
MyReturns is your CRA documents and data for both you and Jordan. MyBusiness returns will be anything WR/VH related. Similar to MWBooks, simply start by selecting a year.