Protecting the security of our members is the top priority at Wealth Developer Canada. Due to the sensitivity of tax documentation and personal financial information, you will notice this instantly. Not only are we committed to growing your wealth, but we must protect it. Learn More by clicking on the link below.

You will be required to confirm your email address so we can trust that you are you.

From time to time we will verify your identity through mobile text message, authentication apps, email verification, phone call or what ever is most convenient for you.

We insist that you must never share your password. With your staff, your family or even your spouse. Should you wish to authorize use of your account, by federal privacy compliance and security requirements this would be the only method of providing access to your account. This means that you may be locked out of your account when signing in from multiple locations.

-Please log out of your account when you are not performing transaction activity or you may become locked out.

When authorizing a representative to manage your MyWealth Account, we require 24-48 hours to verify your e-signed certification. This is unless the representative has already set up an account with Wealth Developer Canada and has authorized their MyWealth Business Account to represent her or him as client/member with the CRA and provided 2 pieces of CRA acceptable identification.

Then proceed to the account selection page for further information to help you select the MyWealth Account that is the right fit for you and/or your business.

Should you decide on moving forward with any of the available taxation or planning products (Recovery19 also includes a no-fee trial), we will require one last step to confirm authorization with the CRA for account access.  We must obtain this to update the data in your MyWealth Account. This access is the exact authorization that a tax preparer would have if you had someone else do your taxes in the past.  This requirement is so we can provide our unique proactive solutions with tax planning and monitoring data, synced daily and presented to you in real-time with options for notifications.  In addition with the pandemic, our specialized services are systematically designed to protect you from potential tax burdens, plan unique financial crisis recovery strategies and prepare for the pandemic ending in the near future.


Authorize the CRA for MyWealth Account to inform, monitor, and guide you by syncing the data and personalizing your plan.

Learn more about important security requirements by clicking here.

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