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We built this resource platform for YOU! One space to simplify, motivate and develop the easiest solutions for all your financial needs. Become a no-fee member of Wealth Developer Canada, and get access to our platform with MyWealth Account.

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Upon entering MyWealth Account, you will quickly see that we are here for you and your best interest. You will see our commitment to long term financial development skills and financial planning. Regardless of whether you require the services of a fully structured financial plan with top professionals, or simply some quick answers time and again, our platform will work for you. You will see that our services are no fee based or very affordable.

With thousands of free resources, and a network of recovery solutions, you can still always be a MyWealth Account member with absolutely no fees.

Our most involved services requiring attentive planning, accounting, and legal advice from our network of professionals, range from $19-$59/30 days for individuals with no long term commitment. Our bookkeeping fees, which are inclusive of annual tax preparation, quarterly HST submissions and weekly balance sheets start at $99 per month.

Try Wealth Developer Canada risk-free. We offer a free trial with most of our products.

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